Janeanne Gilchrist

Series title: Inter Tidal

Venue: Custom House

11th-23rd July

RETINA_Custom-House.jpgJaneanne Gilchrist is a Photographic artist, Image-maker and Director of Staunch Industries an outdoors lifestyle brand. Currently working and living in Edinburgh Scotland.

She has worked worldwide for a diverse range of advertising agencies, design consultancies publishing houses and editorials since graduating from Napier University in 1996. Janeanne has won awards for her past commercial work with appearances in the D&AD and Association of Photographers.

Janeanne has been free diving in various locations in the Scottish seas for the last 10 years. On her underwater expeditions she has discovered a whole new beautiful world where gravity doesn’t apply and everything is in constant flux. She is challenging and exploring her own limits with working in the aquatic environment shooting under the water capturing unseen moments. Her work is an ongoing observation of surface, space and perception. The juxtaposition between the organic and the invasion of the man made.

Janeanne makes images of a world that most people don’t get to see.

Inter tidal- is work in current development and one that she will be delivering to this year’s Retina Scottish International Photography festival as an installation of printed (stills) work and a moving (film) piece. The work explores the subconscious emotional memories, otherworldly fables and folklore of what lurks under the surface. It also features found items that had a place a function a use in an otherworld now abandoned adrift and discarded where they take on an ethereal distorted temporal beauty dissolving and breaking down in to the aquatic environment, now alien to their existence.


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