Refugee Photograph Journeys

Kevin McElvaney
Venue: The Image Collective @ Ocean Terminal
Dates: 1st – 20th July

The photography project #RefugeeCameras started in December 2015.

RETINA_REFUGEE.jpgKevin gave single-use cameras to Refugees he met in Izmir, Lesbos, Athens and Idomeni. 3 months later, 7 out of 15 cameras came back in their prepared envelopes: 1 camera got lost, 2 got confiscated by the border authorities and another 2 are still in Izmir, because the refugees failed to reach the shores of a greek island. 3 other cameras and refugees are missing until today.

With this photography project Kevin tries to give one of the best documented historic events of our time a new perspective – and last but not least the refugees themselves the opportunity to document their own journey through photography. Lets try to see the individual behind the anonymous concept of a “refugee”.

About Kevin

I grew up in north Germany, moved to Hamburg at the age of 18 and very happy, that this city is still my hometown. Besides my studies in social-economics (business-administration, economics, law and sociology) I was always working as a freelancer and visited many different places. After a while it became important to document this time abroad and the passion for photography came through the backdoor. After sports, travel and music photography, my interest switched to documentary, reportage and portraiture.

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