Emerging Talent

Venue: Custom House
Dates: 11th - 30th July

Mhairi Bell-Moodie

RETINA_Custom-House.jpgMhairi is a recent BA Professional Photography graduate of Edinburgh College. Her work focuses on documenting stories through portraiture and reportage photography. In 2016, she will be showing work at the Free Range Graduate Shows in London and at Retina's Emerging Talent exhibition 2016.

Gareth Bragdon

I have been into photography for the past 4.5 years. Previous to that I had played with various ways of expressing myself especially through music. Eventually I fell into a rut and it took picking up the camera to get out of it. Since then I’ve been fascinated by the possibility photography provides and for me, it’s a way of exploring and examining my world and either dissecting it or making it something more. I shoot mainly street photography. I enjoy the spontaneity and adrenaline rush of the process and I enjoy letting the world reveal itself to me. I am originally from the US and have been studying photography at Edinburgh College and Napier University.

Gavin Bragdon

Although I’ve always taken photographs all my life it wasn’t until late 2011 that I saw the potential of photography being about more than just recording personal memory. A little later on I watched BBC’s Genius of Photography and through that discovered street photography and the idea of the so-called “decisive moment”. I became fascinated and infatuated and have spent much of the last few years using the camera as a means to explore the world around me. I am originally from New England and have lived here in Scotland for the past 7 years. Got my HND in photography at Edinburgh College and last I checked was last seen studying at Napier University."

Oliver Henderson

Oliver is fashion photographer currently in his final year of a BA Professional Photography at Edinburgh College. Winning Calumet student of the year 2015 and BIPP Open category 2015. Oliver started 2016 off by winning his first commercial job. Oliver feels that working in fashion allows him to rejoice in the fantastical side of photography and celebrate the more exciting imaginative side of creativity.

Anneleen Lindsay

Anneleen has been part of the Retina organising committee since May 2014, beginning as an intern whilst studying at Edinburgh College. She gained her BA in Professional Photography with Distinction in 2015, also qualifying as a Licentiate of the British Institute of Professional Photographers. Anneleen works as a freelance photographer, specialising in creative and editorial portraiture, with an emphasis on storytelling and drama. Anneleen has had her work published by the New York Times, the London Evening Standard and has exhibited in England, Scotland, Mexico, the US and Vietnam.

Jodie Mann

Jodie is a professional creative photographer, filmmaker and retoucher from the Highlands of Scotland, now based in Edinburgh. Specialising in commercial and fine art fashion imagery, Jodie has around 5 years experience in the field whilst being entirely self-taught. As a visual storyteller, Jodie explores Scotland’s rich history, culture, nature and landscape to create striking and distinctive imagery. Inspired by the love of her Highland home; Jodie’s work is a cinematic blend of drama, power, grace and mystery with a strong commercial edge that is both recognisable and versatile.

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